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 Sights of Uzbekistan

Khanaka Faizabad


  Khanaka Faizabad is one of the noblest monuments of Bukhara, located on the outskirts of the old town, to the north-east of the Chor-Minor. Thi...


  Toprak-Kala (dusty fortress) is ancient settlement with the square of 120 hectares, located in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It ...

The State Museum of Art named after I. V. Savicky


  The State Museum of Art named after I. V. Savicky (Karakalpakstan State Museum of Art) is the main attraction of Nukuscity, the capital of...

Academic Russian Drama Theatre


  Academic Russian Drama Theatre of Uzbekistanwas founded in 1934. Vasily Chirkin and Michael Karlovich Vulkonsky are its organizers.  ...

Polish Catholic Church


  Polish Catholic Church (Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) is a cathedral church of the apostolic administrations of Uzbekistan. Its const...

The Theatre «Ilkhom»


  The Theatre «Ilkhom» was founded in 1976 by the director Mark Weil, who was its artistic director until 2007. "Maskharaboz-76" is t...

The Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan


  The Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan is one of the oldest theatres in Central Asia, created on 30 April, 1928. Its founders are the doctor S. E...

The Syrdarya River


  The Syrdarya is the second longest river after the Amudarya River in Central Asia. The length of the river is 2,212 km. The basin area is 219,0...

Termez Archeological Museum


  The Archeological Museum in Termez was founded in 2001 on the initiative of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, in honor of 2500thannive...

The "Anchor" Canal


  The "Anhor" Canal means «large irrigation canal», located in Tashkent. It flows into the lake of the National Park A. Navoi. I...

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