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Architectural complex Zangi-Ata


 Zangi-Ata complex is located 15 kilometres from Tashkentin the village of the same name. It is an architectural monument of the XIV century incl...
Complex Khoja Abdi Birun


  Complex Khoja Abdi Birun is located in the south-eastern part, on the outskirts of Samarkand. The building was built in the XVII century b...
Sitorai-Mohi Hosa Palace


  Sitorai-Mohi Hosa Palace(translated from Persian as the star and the moon of Khan) was built in XIX - XX centuries by father of the last Emir A...
Kaffal Shashi Mausoleum


  Kaffal Shashi Mausoleum was built in 1542 in honor of Imam Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Ismail al-Kaffal ash-Shoshiy. It is asymmetrical domed...
Kyzyl-Kala Fortress


  Kyzyl-Kala Fortress («red fortress») is located not far from Toprak-Kala, 27 km from Biruni town. The total area of the fortre...
Kavat-Kala fortress


  Kavat-Kala fortress is a unique monument of the middle Ages, which stretches for 15 km, its width is 2-3 km along Gavhore Channel. Until recent...
Minaret Djarkurgan


  Minaret Djarkurgan was built in 1109 by the order of Sultan San-jara, located in the village Minor (seven kilometer from the city Djarkurgan), ...
Abu Mansur Matridy Mausoleum


  Abu Mansur Matridy Mausoleum is located to the east of the famous Registan Square. It was built over the tomb of the famous Islamic theologian ...
Architectural complex Sheihantaur


  Sheykhantaur Mausoleum (Sheikh Hovendi at- Takhur) is one of the most important architectural monuments of Tashkent. Memorial Hovendi at-Takhur...
Said Akhmad-khoja Madrasah


  Said Akhmad-khoja Madrasah is one of the attractions of Marghilan, which was built in the end of XIX century. It is square courtyard (32.5 x 32...

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