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 Sights of Uzbekistan



Ayaz-kala is a settlement of the IV-II centuries BC. Ayaz-kala is translated as “fortress in the wind”. It is located 20 km. to the northe...

Mountains of Uzbekistan and holiday places


Mountains of Uzbekistan refer to the mountain systems of the Western Tien Shan and Southern Tien Shan (Gissar-Alay, including Turkestan, Zaravshan, Gi...

The Mausoleum Chashma-Ayub


  The Mausoleum Chashma-Ayub («The Source of Holy Iov») is situated not far from the gate Talipach, in the north-western part of Bukh...

Hazret-Hyzr Mosque


 Hazret-Hyzr mosque is situated on the south part of Afrasiab, it was named in honor of the prophet Hyzr. According to the legend he had the powe...

Siab bazaar.


Siab Bazaar is one of the oldest bazaars in Samarkand, situated between the mosque of Bibi Khanum and Shokhi Zinda complex, not far away from the Regi...

Chor-Minor Madrasah.


Chor-Minor is known as madrasah Halif Niyazkul (in Persian “Four minarets”) was built by merchant in 1807 in Bukhara. Entrance in madrasah...

Mausoleum of the Samanids.


Mausoleum of the Samanids is one of the architectural masterpieces in Central Asia, it is situated in the historical centre of Bukhara, was built in 9...

Memorial complex Imam Al-Bukhari.


One of the major places of pilgrimage in Uzbekistan is memorial complex of Imam Al-Bukhari, located 12 km from Samarkand. Imam Al-Bukhari was the grea...

Tashkent TV Tower.


Tashkent TV Tower. Tashkent TV Tower is the tallest structure in Central Asia. Its height is 375 meters, and weight is about 6000 tons. In height it i...

Bazaar Chorsu.


Bazaar Chorsu (officialy called «Eski Juva», which means "Old Tower”) is one of the largest and oldest bazaars in Central Asia, it i...

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