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Palvan Darvaza


  Palvan-Darvaza is the eastern gate of the citadel Ichan-Kala. The ensemble was built in the years 1804-1806. The local people called the gate &...
Muhammad Rahimkhan madrasah


  Muhammad Rahim-khan madrasah is located east of Kunya-Ark. The full name of khan was Said Muhammad Rahim Bahadur Khan. Local people called...
Anush-khan Baths


  One of the most interesting and unique monuments of history and architecture are Anush-khan baths, located in the territory of old Khiva. Accor...


  Dishan-Kala is the name of historical “outside” city of Khiva. As opposed to Ichan-Kala, Dishan-Kala is kept only ruins of gates of...


  The foundation of the Ak-mosque ("White Mosque") was founded in 1647 with the bath Anush Khan. There are inscriptions on the doors of the mosqu...
Fergana Regional Museum


  Fergana Regional Museum is one of the oldest museums in Uzbekistan. The fund of the museum has a fine collection of items, relating to all peri...
Paikend settlement


  Ancient settlement Paikend is located 60 km. from Bukhara, on the territory of Karakul region. It was built in IV-III centuries BC as a frontie...
Said Alauddin Mausoleum


  Said Alauddin Mausoleum is one of the most historic buildings in Central Asia. The exact date of the mausoleum’s construction doesn&...
Shergazi Khan Madrasah


  One of the oldest madrasah of khiva is Shergazi Khan Madrasah. It was built in the XVIII century, located in the centre of Ichan-Kala. Accordin...
Khudoyarkhan Palace


  Khudoyarkhan Palace is a fortified building, erected in 1871. The building area is 4 hectares, width is 65 m. The portal is decorated with two ...

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