Tours To Uzbekistan


Author: Nawshir
Trip Date: 2019/10/30

Uzbekistan is a wonderful place to visit. My wife, my adult daughter and I did a three week tour there. Our requirements were somewhat unusual - we are Zoroastrians and we needed to visit sites that were of that heritage. We were interested in visiting places off the beaten track - Andijon, Nukus and Termez. We wanted to travel internally only by train. and, finally, we wanted to not be in a large tour group in any portion of the visit.
Anur handled all of this very well. They understood our requirements perfectly. The Zoroastrian sites were not their strength but my research had already identified what we wanted to see and they made sure that we had Engkish speaking translators to take us to them. I say translators because there are almost no real guides in Uzbekistan as we understand the term elsewhere in the world. That is no fault of Anur. All the rest, we left to Anur and they delivered perfectly.
Our "handler" was Elina. She was excellent - daily in touch from the office or home in Tashkent to ensure that we had no problems. She had good suggestions for restaurants wherever we were. Some places that were not on the original list but which we later wanted to see were included. No issue was made about any increase in the agreed rates. She could not have been better.
Why did we choose Anur? We wrote to several agencies in Tashkent who had good reviews. Anur was the only one that replied within hours. The others either did not bother to respond or took a fortnight to even show any interest. Anur understood our needs well and we did not have to make any changes to the draft programme they sent, after studying our needs. Especially tricky was ensuring connecting trains, two of which were overnight journies. (Best avoided because the toilets even in Business class could be cleaner).
To anybody who reads this review, I say choose Anur blindly. They are involved with their clients, concerned for the clients' enjoyment and their prices are most moderate.
As for Elina, she is the best. As a parting gift, she left us three bottles of excellent Uzbek juices. Go to Uzbekistan and go with Anur; if you are even more lucky, Elina will be your anchor.