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Tours To Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan - August 2018

Author: Rob B Geneva, Switzerland
Trip Date: 2018/08/05

Our wonderful visit of Uzbekistan (Tashkent- Urgench / Khiva - Bukhara - Samarkand- Tashkent) was entirely organized by Elina Shaposhnikova, of Anur Tour in Tashkent.

Thanks to Elina’s good advice and knowledge of Uzbekistan, but also to her professionalism and remarkable efficiency, every step and moment of our trip was as successful as it was flawless.

All internal flights, train rides on the Afrosyab fast train, bus transfers and hotel bookings were perfectly well booked by the Anur Tour team and were always on time.

In particular, Elina’s choice of our excellent guide (Tulkin Amirovich Ergashev) was a great asset towards the success and our appreciation of our visit.

We will gladly rely on Elina’s and on Anur Tour’s knowledge and experience of Uzbekistan and its neighboring countries for our next visit in that part of the world.