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Your travel company for Central Asia
Author: Alison Ri (USA)
Trip Date: 2017/10/12
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Anur Tour. Everything ran perfectly. They even helped me celebrate my birthday while I was travelling here. For the rest of my travels in Central Asia I will be using their services again. Thanks to everyone involved. If I could leave a ten star rating I would!
Recommended for Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan
Author: Michael Lee (Hong Kong)
Trip Date: 2017/10/09

AnurTour – top notch, highly recommended

Travelled with them 28 Sept to 9 Oct 2017

Desktop due diligence stage - 5
Not a fan of organized travel myself, but having decided to take my parents and my aunt (all >60) to Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan for my mom’s 70th birthday, realized I’d have to be realistic about the logistics thus I decided on a private tour. Did some research online and chose AnurTour due to excellent reviews and prompt response. I tried to call a few other tour operators, and AnurTour was the only one that had a salesperson who answered my call immediately, and in fluent English as well.

Planning stage - 5
Excellent reviews and prompt response go a long way, yet it’s their flexibility that earned them five stars. I always travelled independently in the last twenty years (except once with another organized group in Kamchatka but that’s a totally different story as it only offered fixed itineraries so you’ll see why). I’ve already had a list of places in mind for ages before this trip coz I’ve been planning a trip there for over a decade. So I asked them to include all the cities/towns/sights I named, they came up with an itinerary in no time, along with all the estimated journey time re car rides and the domestic flights, which was priceless, because info from the few online sources regarding the domestic flights and the actual journey time by car was often wrong as I found out later. They also arranged the drivers and vehicles, hotels and visa application etc. As I previously planned to travel independently, logistics in the stans was one of the key risk areas I identified after years of planning. AnurTour came up with a viable plan very quickly and all the planning, booking and visa application went smoothly.

Costing - 5Samarkand
We were only required to wire them a small % of the total amount due before arrival. Couldn’t be bothered to check hotel prices since hotels they booked were reasonably nice it didn’t feel like a rip-off at all.
AnurTour also suggested us to use different local guides in different regions to help cut costs, probably one of the main reasons why I found the price reasonable.
Prices are very reasonable everywhere if you haggle well for souvenirs but that’s up to you not the company.

Staffing – 5
Most of the guides arranged were friendly and knowledgeable, all of them spoke fluent English. Most drivers seemed reliable too. Main problem was that the guides didn’t usually travel with us inter-city, and the drivers didn’t speak very good English. So, the inter-city logistics was confusing at times. Although Elina, our organizer, was very responsive, we couldn’t reasonably expect her to pick up our calls 24-7, bad reception didn’t help either. I was going to deduct one star but added 1.0 back because a) the arrangement helped save so the confusion in logistics was kinda inevitable $; b) confusion provided an added sense of adventure coz we did get some alone time; and c) our guide in Bukhara happened to be the sister of the chef of Doston House, a famous restaurant, which we wouldn’t have found if not for her (booking recommended).

Itinerary – 5
Their itinerary included all the places I wanted to visit, seemed hectic in the beginning, but our group of four aged 70, 69, 62 and 34 coped comfortably.

28 Sep Arrival in Tashkent – connection flight to Nukus – 6 hr to and fro Muynak, overnight in Nukus

29 Sep 3hr drive to Khiva in the morning, overnight in Khiva

30 Sep Morning transfer to Turkmen border, lunch near Kunya Urgench, 2hr tour there then drive to Darvaza gas crater (bumpy long ride watch out), overnight there in tents

1 Oct morning drive to Ashgabat, arrive for lunch then half day tour, overnight in Ashgabat

2 Oct Ashgabat, overnight in Ashgabat

3 Oct early morning flight to Mary, tour the ancient city of Merv, lunch at Uzbek border, drive to Bukhara, overnight in Bukhara

4 Oct Bukhara, overnight in Bukhara

5 Oct Bukhara, overnight in Bukhara

6 Oct early morning departure for Shahrisabz, 1hr tour, 0.5hr free time + 1hr lunch then drive to Samarkand, overnight in Samarkand

7 Oct Samarkand, overnight in Samarkand

8 Oct Samarkand until mid-afternoon, train to Tashkent, overnight in Tashkent

9 Oct Full day in Tashkent

10 Oct departed on 0105 flight

Before you goBukhara
- The campsite at Darvaza seemed to be run by the Turkmen government or even if not, collectively by some ministry. AnurTour didn’t seem to have much control over the quality of the camping equipment . Tents and sleeping bags could be faulty or dirty or both. If not constrained by luggage allowance please consider bring your own sleeping bags for Darvaza

- Most of the hotels were nice and centrally located, but the one they booked me in Samarkand was a bit far from the centre, do ask for a central location if you wanted to do morning strolls with your tripod

- For Khiva, they booked me into the Orient Star hotel. It was absolutely stunning and it occupied a former madrasa and was right next to the famous half minaret. Do your own research, if it’s your cup of tea, do insist on staying there. I’d travelled Iran before in 2011, they did have some nice caravanserai hotels but not madrasa, neither in Morocco in 2009 (it could be because I was on a very tight budget on that trip though, only tried one decent riad)

- Keep everything piece of paper they give you at the customs, every certificate re carpets or special items you bought esp. in Trukmenistan, and every receipt/cert they give you when you change money. You will need them at some point.

- Turkmen currency highly illiquid outside the country, no exchange/bank would take it not even in Uzbekistan

If AnurTour could have pointed these out before our trip, I would have raised their rating from a well- deserved five star to a, I don’t know, a perfect five? Anyway, thank you very much AnurTour and Elina, the elders were very happy with the trip.

Excelente organización
Author: Clarisa Andrea
Trip Date: 2017/09/25
Magnifica experiencia, desde el primer correo electrónico que envié hasta que regresé a casa.
La señora Elina de Anur Tour organizó todos los detalles de mi viaje, me asesoró y decidió conmigo los destinos previa consulta e intercambios por correo electrónico. Seleccionó muy buenos hoteles, bien ubicados, limpios, con buenas camas y excelente atención. Contrató los guías y choferes profesionales y cordiales que me acompañaron en mi recorrido, todos puntuales, muy agradables y buenas personas, con un gran conocimiento del oficio. Elina, me ofreció opciones de visitas basada en mis preferencias personales: yo le había dicho que me gusta cocinar y me ofreció clases de cocina, por ejemplo. También tramitó mi visa.
Uzbekistán es un bello destino pero es necesario contar con ayuda local para recorrerlo: compra de pasajes en avión y tren, reserva de hoteles, traslados a través de kilómetros y kilómetros de desiertos, etc.
Anur Tour and the guide Umid exceeded all my expectations!
Author: Greggy (Australia)
Trip Date: 2017/09/21
Anur Tours and the guide Umid made my visit to Uzbekistan a truly remarkable experience! Unforgettable memories of this amazing and breathtaking country. Great service, very well organized, flawless and the guide Umid was very knowledgeable. The tour was indeed educational. Definitely will be coming back and truly recommend it.
Fantastic, well-organized, good value tour!
Author: Jean, (Ostin, Texas)
Trip Date: 2017/08/05

This tour exceeded our expectations - everything was SO organized and flowed so smoothly. I thought that it was good value as well. I loved the hotels that were selected. Zarina was so responsive and designed a tour specifically for our interests in food. I never ate so well in my life. The buffets at the Serena hotel in Dushanbe, Tajikistan were the culinary highlight of the trip. For that reason alone, I would suggest that this hotel be used for future guests who like great food.

My favorite spots were Bukhara, Uzbekistan and Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. Bukhara for the magical atmosphere, the terrific culture show, and fantastic souvenirs - particularly the very inexpensive but beautiful miniature paintings (I bought 8). Ashgabat was a striking white marble city unlike any other I have seen in the world. I am impressed by all the good the president of the country has done for his people. Flying into the city at night with all the gleaming, orderly white marble buildings and brilliant neon lights was such an experience. I have never seen so many impressive monuments. The city was spotlessly clean as well.

We also enjoyed the well-planned cities of Almaty, Kazakhistan and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and their settings against the mountains - they had so many parks and restaurant options!

We survived the border crossing at Turkmenistan and examination of our 20+ drugs by labeling everything for its purpose and smiling a lot. But a visit to Turkmenistan is one that you will not forget. Ashgabat is one of the most fascinating cities in the world (out of the 120 countries we have now visited). We travel a lot, but would not be able to do this tour on our own due to language difficulties and so many transfers (all which went perfectly).

My favorite guides were Elmira in Kazakhstan and Govel (sp?) in Turkmenistan - they were just superb and so knowledgeable. I give our highest recommendation for Anur tours!

Uzbekistan - Better than We Could've Imagined
Author: Cynthia H
Trip Date: 2017/05/26
Our 8 day private tour ranged from Khiva through Bukhara and Samarkand to Tashkent. We had a driver and local guide each day. Everyone was lovely. We were very pleasantly surprised at how we were received. The service was impeccable. One day we went to the Hazrati Dovud which was not in our guide books and a cultural experience not to be missed! Elina who arranged our tour had recommended it. Our guide was amazingly helpful in getting us entrance despite the crush of people trying to visit this important pilgrimage place. Khiva was our favorite city by far with its intact walls and hotel quite near the old city. Don't skip it even though its a bit off the beaten path! Elina checked in with us along the trip and had arranged everything perfectly. This is a tour we won't forget. We'd recommend it to anyone looking to explore this beautiful, and historic region.
Efficient and professional service
Author: Aditi Pal (Aktau, Kazakhstan)
Trip Date: 2016/10/22
We had a very good trip for 1 week in Uzbekistan, covering Tashkent , Samarkand and Bukhara as a family with 1 kid (8 years old). The planning was perfect , with prompt response and very supportive staff. The execution was flawless. The cars and guide were all helpful and knowledgeable. The visa and train tickets were well arranged. We got good recommendation on hotels, places to eat and shopping. The proprietor Mumin was excellent in every way. They made our trip memorable and enjoyable. Highly recommended.
Very happy with Anur Tour Uzbekistan services
Author: Joke G (Hasselt)
Trip Date: 2016/10/10
Uzbekistan is a lovely, friendly country with beautiful historical sites and buildings, especially the Silk Road cities. Anur Tours organised a tailor- made tour for us, and we were really happy with their services: hotels, railway tickets, transfers by car,... It was all very well arranged! Ms. Aziza, who was our contact person, also gave us a warm welcoming and had good suggestions for activities and sights, upon arrival as well as during our tour throughout the country. Thank you so much!
Caring and Warm
Author: Waris (Toronto, Canada)
Trip Date: 2016/10/02
Since we spoke neither Russian nor Uzbek language, we looked in the Uzbekistan TA Forum for suggestions and contacted Adantour, Xoroson and Anur Tours for quotes. They all made professional proposals. Since I am a DYI, budget minded traveller, I found Anur Tours’ offer the most reasonable. Luckily a fellow Torontonian had used their services and wrote a very positive report about Anur in his TA report. I managed to talk with him on the phone and chose Anur. Anur booked all our hotels that we selected ourselves, again using TA reviews and arranged for all the transportation and transfers. They also provided LOI at no extra costs.
Now about AnurTours ! The owner, Mr Mumin, is a very personable and reliable person. Our experience was very pleasant and problem free. The transfers, train and plane tickets even tickets for a performance at Alisher Navoi Opera were procured by them. Mr. Mumin was only a phone away whenever required. The most critical episode of our journey came at the very end when we had to clear passport check at the Tashkent airport. Uzbekistan visa regulations are very strict. Our visa was expiring at mid-night and our flight was scheduled to depart at 2:45 AM. Mr Munim foresaw the problem and if it were without his negotiations with the concerned airport authorities to process our exit earlier than usual check-in, we would have been stuck. This would have completely marred a beautiful trip for us. My wife and I, therefore, will highly recommend Anur Tours for their cost-effective, professional services.
Trip to Uzbekistan with Anur Tours
Author: David C (Beit She'an, Israel)
Trip Date: 2016/09/12
We recently returned from a wonderful 15 day trip to Uzbekistan. Our programme included Tashkent, overnight train to the Castles in the desert, Khiva,-flight to Bukhara,train to Samerkand,train to Tashkent. Anur Tours did all our organization tickets, hotels, guides, taxis for pick ups even to the last day in Tashkent tickets for the ballet.Their expertise made the whole holiday go like clockwork. Together with the amazing architecture, art work,fantastic colors and the warm hearted people we met, made it a trip to remember. A special thank's to Aziza who arranged everything with prompt reply.
An unforgettable Uzbekistan Experience
Author: Sit S (Hong Kong)
Trip Date: 2016/09/10
Uzbekistan, a very unfamiliar place for us and we all departed our home with great anxiety. However, when we arrived for a few days, our worries were all gone. Not only the country itself is very safe, the friendliness of the people there was beyond my imagination.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Anur Tour for giving us such an unforgettable trip along the old silk road. We visited all the way from the west to the east of Uzbekistan, and we were deeply thankful to Aziza (Anur tour’s manager) for her organization (including the LOI) of the tour.

In Muynak, we reached the former world's fourth largest lake, the Aral Sea, which has been losing water for half a century and nearly disappeared from the map. In Nukus, we visited the Savitsky Museum which collect more than 90,000 exhibits, including a collection of Russian avant-garde artists and the art of ancient Khorezm. All of these gave us a wonderful experience. Ayaz-kala yurt camp was a very pleasant place for us, the three Ayaz-Kala fortress, sunrise together with the sunset were very pleasing. We also missed the night with tons of shooting stars flying over our head in the village of Asrof, where we spent a whole night watching stars. Of course, the three ancient Islamic city- Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand- are the highlights of our tour, we couldn’t help but love them.

Anur Tour gave us an extraordinary tour over all in Uzbekistan. We were deeply impressed by the ancient Islamic edifice, and the unique culture of Uzbekistan. The people there also treat us with great hospitality, which we will never unforgettable.
Thank you for organizing my unforgettable trip in Uzbekistan.
Author: Asami (Osaka)
Trip Date: 2016/08/11
My first trip for Uzbekistan was unforgettable, Anur tour is really good company. I could enjoy my trip thanks to Anur Tour's good guides and drivers. The hotels which Anur Tour selected were located good place and so nice.
I was very impressed with Uzbekistan's amazing history, culture and buildings, and with very nice people and delicious food.
I want to go back to Uzbekistan again, in that time I'll offer again.
Professional tour company for Uzbekistan travellers
Author: Pak Y (Korea)
Trip Date: 2016/08/10
If you're planning to explore the Uzbekistan you should most definitely hit up Anur Tour. I needed a Letter of Invitation to get into Uzbekistan and Mumin and Aziza was able to provide one for me and my mate. We booked a rough itinerary through the tour agency - hostels/hotels, transportation between cities and pick ups from airport and train station. Aziza organised a brilliant trip for us and it meant that there was no hassle, no second thinking and most importantly no worries. It was a stress free week and a bit in Uzbekistan thanks to them. 10/10, would highly recommend getting in touch with them, even if you're looking for information.
GREAT tour company for solo travelers!
Author: Aastrit Vagen (Oslo, Norway)
Trip Date: 2016/07/20
I just spent a week in Uzbekistan, and I couldn't be more happy with Anur Tour's services. All the way from the first email I sent when I started planning my trip they've been friendly, reliable and efficient. They helped me plan a trip that included everything I wanted to see, did the visa arrangements, and organized a wonderful week for me in this amazing country. Everything within a very reasonable price. I will highly recommend them to other travelers, and I will definitely use them again for other travels in Central Asia.
Highly recommended
Author: Zul Muhammad (Malaysia)
Trip Date: 2016/05/20
Went there with a group of 25 we really enjoy the trips. Their friendly and informative guide make this trip a very enjoyable and not to be forgotten. If you planning to go to Uzbekistan please choose anur tour.
Nos encantó la visita que realizamos el pasado mes de marzo a Uzbekistan.
Author: Jaume Mestres
Trip Date: 2016/03/30
Un viaje increíble y maravilloso. El personal de la agencia Anur Tour nos ha tratado durante todo el viaje cuidando hasta el más mínimo detalle. Nos ha gustado todo. Sus gentes su gastronomía sus medrasas y mezquitas.
Highly Recommend Anur Tour
Author: Sarah Lain (UK)
Trip Date: 2016/02/05
Highly Recommend Anur TourI booked a group tour of five people to Samarkand from Tashkent with Anur. Our guide Denis was fantastic and really made the history of this fascinating city come alive. The organisation of the tour and payment process was very smooth. I highly recommend booking through Anur!
Please travel with Anur Tours!
Author: Linda (USA)
Trip Date: 2015/11/20
I recently returned from a solo visit to Uzbekistan organized by Anur tours. I chose them based on emails received from Aziza, one of the representatives. I was SO impressed with their services. I took one of their regular tours and customized it to meet my own interests and could not have been happier. The guides in each place were knowledgeable and friendly, the recommended accommodations were excellent and the places visited and time alloted were perfect. It was so nice to be met in each place by a guide, and taken to the airport or train station, it took all the worry and hassle out of having to find my own way around. Everyone at the company was amazing, I got sick on my last day and they took care of me like family. I wouldnt hesitate to go back to Uzbekistan, it exceeded all my expectations, and I would definitely use Anur again.
Highly recommend
Author: Kairat (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
Trip Date: 2015/11/08
We traveled together with our US friends. I chose Anur Tour because the other two I read about (one Uzbek and the other Kazakh) charged higher prices. Everything was smooth. The guides met us everywhere, transportation was provided and the choice of hotels was good. We were shown the best of Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand. The guides are very knowledgeable and can change dollars for Uzbek soms at best (black market) rates.

The bad things we heard about Uzbek customs are exaggerated. Just follow the rules: fill out the customs declaration, mentioning all your valuables, and keep the registration notes you receive at hotels. The country is very quiet and clean and the Uzbeks are very hospitable. The prices are low in general but the ones at the Chor Su bazaar in Tashkent are higher than I expected.

We traveled in November when there are few tourists and it is not hot. Luckily, the sun was shining.
An Uzbekistan Experience
Author: Michael Hopkins (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Trip Date: 2015/11/05
As it was the first time that I had been to Uzbekistan, I was a little reticent about dealing with tour operators that I had never heard of before.
After many hours searching the "net" I decided to go with the travel agency “Anur Tour” and I was not disappointed.
I made the decision to do a day tour of Tashkent and a two day tour of Bukhara and Samarkand.
There service was absolutely amazing, they were extremely professional, and both tours went like clockwork.
I was met by a representative from Anur Tour at my hotel who briefed me on the various activities that I would be doing. She gave me the appropriated documentation that I required and fully explained what would be happening over the coming days.
In particular the two day tour to Bukhara and Samarkand was extremely worthwhile. By flying direct to Bukhara early morning, it certainly maximized the time available that day for sightseeing which was enhanced by a very informative guide.
You also had the opportunity of going direct to your hotel and check in before embarking on the day’s activities. The accommodation was of a very good standard.
In the evening I had dinner in the Lyab-i-hauz area which was a few minutes’ walk from the hotel at a charming Restaurant next to the lake taking in the incredible ambience coupled with a delightful meal and drinks.
The next day involved getting the morning train to Samarkand, about a 3 hour journey, and then spending the rest of the day sightseeing till late afternoon, before being taken to the railway station to get the high-speed train “Afrosiab” back to Tashkent.
The various guides that I dealt with spoke very good English and were extremely helpful and informative.
I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Anur Tour as there service was excellent, the content of their tours covered all the appropriate sites, and you never felt under pressure even though you covered a great deal of territory.
"Porso" hotel review
Trip Date: 2014-01-08 01:45:49
My husband and me are interesting in a travell visiting Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkanda. We'll arrive to tashkent on 20th june 014 at 6,30 AM and we'll come back on 28th June at 8,15 AM. We prefer hotels 4-5*. We´d prefer spanish language guide.
"Registan Plaza (President)" hotel review
Author: Isolde Krones
Trip Date: 2013-06-06 17:34:13
We stayed in your hotel from 03.05.-05.05.2013. I put some postcards in your letterbox - opposite from the reception - till now no card arrived in Germany. May be this box in not working anymore ? Please can you check. Thank you very much and kind regards Isolde Krones