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Wonderful trip
Author: IvyV1045
Trip Date: 2019/11/19
Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are amazing places to visit. We did 10 day tour. Elena organized our trip. Everything was arranged for us. Entire trip went smoothly. Our guides were wonderful. We really enjoyed the time there. We would use Anur tour again when we come back to that region.
Thanks for everything!!!
Day trip to Samarkand
Author: Peter
Trip Date: 2019/11/18
I had a great day trip from Tashkent to Samarkand with Anur Tour. Impeccable service, on time and well prepared. Very informative. My guide in Samarkand was excellent and punctual. All very positive.
Excellent tour
Author: OsamaAlawadhi
Trip Date: 2019/11/13
We did a 4 day tour to Samarkand and Bukhara. All transfers, tours, and train tickets were arranged by Anur Tour and the entire trip was done perfectly according to plan. Would definitely use them again on a future trip to Uzbekistan.
Author: Nawshir
Trip Date: 2019/10/30
Uzbekistan is a wonderful place to visit. My wife, my adult daughter and I did a three week tour there. Our requirements were somewhat unusual - we are Zoroastrians and we needed to visit sites that were of that heritage. We were interested in visiting places off the beaten track - Andijon, Nukus and Termez. We wanted to travel internally only by train. and, finally, we wanted to not be in a large tour group in any portion of the visit.
Anur handled all of this very well. They understood our requirements perfectly. The Zoroastrian sites were not their strength but my research had already identified what we wanted to see and they made sure that we had Engkish speaking translators to take us to them. I say translators because there are almost no real guides in Uzbekistan as we understand the term elsewhere in the world. That is no fault of Anur. All the rest, we left to Anur and they delivered perfectly.
Our "handler" was Elina. She was excellent - daily in touch from the office or home in Tashkent to ensure that we had no problems. She had good suggestions for restaurants wherever we were. Some places that were not on the original list but which we later wanted to see were included. No issue was made about any increase in the agreed rates. She could not have been better.
Why did we choose Anur? We wrote to several agencies in Tashkent who had good reviews. Anur was the only one that replied within hours. The others either did not bother to respond or took a fortnight to even show any interest. Anur understood our needs well and we did not have to make any changes to the draft programme they sent, after studying our needs. Especially tricky was ensuring connecting trains, two of which were overnight journies. (Best avoided because the toilets even in Business class could be cleaner).
To anybody who reads this review, I say choose Anur blindly. They are involved with their clients, concerned for the clients' enjoyment and their prices are most moderate.
As for Elina, she is the best. As a parting gift, she left us three bottles of excellent Uzbek juices. Go to Uzbekistan and go with Anur; if you are even more lucky, Elina will be your anchor.
Author: Fernando H
Trip Date: 2019/10/18
Overall, we thank Khilola for her help with this tour. We booked 3-star hotels throughout, with the ones selected not being available, except for the last night at the Shodlik. Guides were personable and knowledgeable, with the best one being Denis in Samarkand. The best breakfast was at the Sultan in Bukhara. The Zilol Baxt had stale bread and pastries. People in Uzbekistan are gentle and friendly, with young girls trying their English on us and wanting to have pictures taken with us. Transfers were on time. The train ride from Samarkand to Tashkent on the Afrosiab was great. Credit cards are not accepted; you must send a wire to book a tour.
Anur Tours the cherry on our cake
Author: Ruhiya Mahimwala
Trip Date: 2019/10/12
Our all ladies travel group decided to visit Uzbekistan this year,and my son who had just been there last year was raving about the place.It was he who pointed me to
Mr Momin of Anur Tours'Mom just WhatsApp him,he will sort out everything for you'll and his services are very good.
So started my daily conversations on WhatsApp with Mr Momin,who answered my every question ...every little detail was sorted out..even a wheelchair was provided for all the 10 days that we were in Uzbekistan..our van was very comfortable ,driver was a loving caring soul,our English speaking lady guides were very helpful ..our hotels were the ones we chose..very comfortable n clean..our 10 days 3 days each in Bukhara Samarkand n Tashkent passed off like a breeze.We loved the country and the people,had a wonderful enriching holiday ,and the cherry on the cake was the services provided by Mr Momin of 'Anur Tours'.... extremely impeccable !!!
Wonderful service and amazing country.
Author: luizredeschi
Trip Date: 2019/10/09
I contacted ANUR TOUR from Brazil and was extremely well attended by Elina, who answered all my questions and answered me wonderfully. And during our trip in Uzbekistan we had exceptional service, not only with Guide Luiza who was impeccable in her explanations, but with all the service offered. ANUR TOUR is clearly recommended.
Thank you, thank you and Thank you, you are a great country with a kind people.
The perfect tour agency in Uzbekistan
Author: Dyalon
Trip Date: 2019/09/27
We (a couple in our early seventies) have spent 10 days in Uzbekistan using the services of Anur Tour. Our trip was planned and executed by the one and only Elina, who've made sure that all the drivers and the guides at the different locations were on time, and stick to the planned agreed itinerary. She even phoned a driver at 6am to make sure he will be in time for the Khiva flight.
All the guides were experienced and knowledgeable and service oriented. Two guides were exceptional - Nazira in Bukhara, and Nazira (yes, the same name) in Samarkand. These two women are my top recommendations for these regions.
With Anur we really felt like a home away from home.
Great logistics; too bad about the guides
Author: Emily A
Trip Date: 2019/09/26
My friend and I did a 10-day custom trip through the Chimgan mountains in addition to visiting Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand. Khilola at AnurTour was great in organising all the the logistics: the hotels and transfers were above expectations.
Unfortunately the quality of the guides was decidedly mixed - the one in Bukhara was great but the others (particularly in Tashkent and Samarkand) either spoke English so badly that it was not possible for them to understand and respond to questions OR simply did not know the answers. In the latter case, the guide simply made up answers to our questions (we cross-checked with a reputable guidebook).
This is unfortunate as it significantly detracted from our enjoyment of our trip and I would probably hesitate to use AnurTour again on future visits.
Visiting the Stans with Anur Tours. Excellent!
Author: SandyBG
Trip Date: 2019/09/20
My husband worked with Elina to develop a two-week custom tour that included time in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Elina and her team were very helpful in the planning stage of this travel adventure which requires special visas and permissions that must be worked out in advance. This care extended throughout our trip as detail-oriented, knowledgeable and caring guides met us at borders and responsible drivers were our norm. Elina checked in with us and took care to organize local guides to share insights about the awesome sights that included Tashkent, Ashgabat, Khiva, Bukhara, Lake Aynar, Samarkand, Almaty, Bishkek and Issyk Kul. Just home from this beautiful cultural adventure, we’re happy to recommend visiting Central Asia and working with Anur Travel as your travel professionals. Elina was super responsive and made sure the entire trip went smoothly.
Author: Steve Rainville
Trip Date: 2019/09/16
I myself am a Tour Operator from Florida and organize these types of trips on a daily basis. I can confidently say that from my first email to Elina, to my final airport drop off, this tour couldn't have been put together better!

We did a customized 5 days, 4 countries through the "Stans", and everything ran so smoothly! Upon our arrival at the Bishkek airport in Kyrgyzstan, we were promptly greeted by our Tour Guide Ilya. He had a sign with my name on it, and within 5 minutes of talking to him, we knew this was going to be a great first day.

We did a half city tour of Bishkek, followed by a trip to Al Archa. The country side trip only took about one hour, and was the highlight of our first day there. Ilya was extremely knowledgeable, super friendly, and made us feel like family the entire day.

Our second day we flew to Almaty, where once again we we promptly greeted on time by our tour guide Alina, and had the same driver from Kyrgyzstan, Ruslan. Both were absolutely fantastic and showed us around this beautiful country. The highlight of that day, and the whoe trip had to be Big Lake Almaty. Just stunningly beautiful and just breathtaking!

On our third day we flew from Almaty to Tashkent and once again, we were greeted on time, but this time, Elina was there to welcome us. We felt even better knowing she was there since she had been our point of contact since day 1.

We headed on a day trip to Tajikistan, to the beautiful city of Khujand! We walked from the border of Uzbekistan to Tajikistan and besides the crazy border chaos, the day trip was awesome! Our driver Amir and our guide Rahmatulo really made us feel like family.

Our final day was spent on a day tour of Tashkent! We had a wonderful time learning about the history of this iconic city. Our guide Kanol was so knowledgeable and so friendly. He gave us an opportunity to learn more about this amazing history.

Theres no doubt in my mind that whenever I comeback to the "Stan" countries, I will use Anur Tour's services again. Fast responses, professional and knowledgeable guides, with awesome drivers! Two thumbs way up to Elina and her team for the trip of a lifetime!
Old Silk Road trip.
Author: Laralex1989
Trip Date: 2019/09/12
We spent three weeks in Central Asia.The tour was tailor made and we found Elina to be very patient and helpful with our requirements. We visited Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand, Tashkent, Chimgan mountains and Fergana Valley.We used mainly cars with drivers but also travelled from Samarkand to Tashkent by train and two flights were also included. The quality of the hotels were very good indeed as were the guides and drivers.
Elina also managed to organise a four day trip to Turkmenistan which was unexpectedly different to say the least.If you travel to this country you should be aware that things are strange. It took over four hours to get through the road border and they demanded $109 cash [no alternative] entry fee.It was a unique experience and we had a really good guide.
Overall I would recommend Anur Tours. Elina was a very professional coordinator who kept in touch with us every day or so via Whatsup. We were met on arrival every time we returned to Tashkent and she escorted us to the airport on departure.
We flew Astana Airways which was very cheap but we had to change in Kasakstan with a 90 minute layover in a lovely airport.
Reliable and professional agency for tailor-made tours
Author: Chris Wong
Trip Date: 2019/08/26
We organized our 1-week family trip around Uzbekistan in August 2019 through Anur Tour. This was a tailor-made tour where we covered Tashkent-Samarkand-Bukhara-Khiva-Tashkent by train (Afrosiyob) and car. Khilola from Anur Tour was very kind and helpful, adjusting the itinerary pre-trip to suit our needs, and checking in with us every day during the trip to make sure everything was going well. The tour was well organized, and included good English-speaking guides explaining history and culture in a country where English speakers were still few. Package price was also very competitive as we compared with quite a number of agencies beforehand. I would highly recommend this to anyone in search for a great experience. Uzbekistan itself is awesome, and Anur Tour made it unforgettable.
Professional and reliable
Trip Date: 2019/06/30
I booked for a 2-day Bukhara and Samarkand tour from Tashkent. All the drivers and tour guides were punctual, courteous, and very knowledgeable. The program was also well designed and I could see all I wanted comfortably without feeling rushed. The knowledge of the guides were very profound and enhanced the trip experience immensely. The hotel in Bukhara the agency booked for me was also nice and clean. I'm satisfied!
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Multi-day trip to Tashkent, Samarkand, and Bukhara
Author: Kz000 (Melbourne, Australia)
Trip Date: 2019/06/29
Our group of three had a spectacular visit to Uzbekistan with Anur Tour. It was probably one of the most well-organised and streamlined tours I have ever been on, especially because there was a lot to coordinate across the three different cities. The tour guides in each of the cities were knowledgeable and experienced, and there was flexibility to explore on our own, see some other sights, and pick our preferred accommodation. The trains were also very modern and comfortable. Make sure you go back and visit some of the sights in the evening, as they can be quite different and beautiful with the lights shining on them. Highly recommended!
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Excellent Day Trip to Samarkand from Tashkent
Author: JustLoveToFly (Singapore)
Trip Date: 2019/06/28
Contacted Anur Tour tour to organise a day trip to Samarkand by speed train only a few days prior to departure. The whole booking process was smooth and the agency was responsive to my questions with all my concerns addressed. Got picked up at the hotel and sent to the train station. Left my luggage in the car in Tashkent and got it back when i arrived back in Tashkent and got sent to the airport in good time for my onward flight. The visit in Samarkand was enjoyable, with beautiful sites and an excellent guide. The whole experience (from booking, to train ride to airport transfer) was absolutely smooth and wonderful. Highly recommend Anur Tour.
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Good organisation and It could be better!!!
Author: Moonlyw (Hong Kong, China)
Trip Date: 2019/06/26
We had 2 weeks tour in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan in early May. During the previous contact with Mumin (general manager of the agency), he gave us quick respond usually and he was helpful. We were rather satisfied with that tour. However, the tour would be better if something can be improved: 1. All accommodation were good except that in Tashkent. The hotel Uzbekistan was so old and the room was so cramped. We had to open the window for some fresh air. Please arrange another better hotel in Tashkent. 2. The vehicles (the van) between cities could be with air-conditioner coz the temperature was rather high during noon time. But our vehicle cannot provide any cool air. If the car windows were opened, much dirt came into our car. Therefore, I recommend to take the train between cities, especially the Afrosiab train which is more faster and comfortable. Besides, another staff, Khilola, was very nice and helpful to us. One day I got stomachache and didn't eat anything. She was so caring.
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Highly recommended
Author: Fwlim (Singapore)
Trip Date: 2019/06/25
Mumin has helped us immensely during our week trip across Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand & Tashkent. The local guides in each city were very knowledgeable about the local & country’s storied histories. The hotels were well appointed in each city. Highly recommended agency for anyone visiting Uzbekistan.
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"Porso" hotel review
Trip Date: 2014-01-08 01:45:49
My husband and me are interesting in a travell visiting Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkanda. We'll arrive to tashkent on 20th june 014 at 6,30 AM and we'll come back on 28th June at 8,15 AM. We prefer hotels 4-5*. We´d prefer spanish language guide.
"Registan Plaza (President)" hotel review
Author: Isolde Krones
Trip Date: 2013-06-06 17:34:13
We stayed in your hotel from 03.05.-05.05.2013. I put some postcards in your letterbox - opposite from the reception - till now no card arrived in Germany. May be this box in not working anymore ? Please can you check. Thank you very much and kind regards Isolde Krones