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Tours To Uzbekistan

March 2018 Trip

Author: Neil C, Perth, Australia
Trip Date: 2018/03/21

Most places I've been to someone usually says 'oh you should have been here 10 years ago'! Well get to Uzbekistan now because there is a big push for tourism and I'm sure it will all become much more commercial. We chose a tour because we were unsure how we would cope in s

uch a different place from what we were used to and because the literature seemed to suggest it was required. We found Anur via Trip advisor after a Melbourne company that started off well just ignored my emails (Sundowner tours). It turned out to be a great find. Cars arrived as planned, guides arrive

d on time and were excellent. Take a few days in each place without a guide and explore it yourself, the guides are full of information but it can overload the brain a bit. Help the guides to work at your pace, get them to stop for a cup of tea or lunch when you want it. Its usually then that you get to know about Uzbekistan and its people rather than the detail of its history (interesting though that is). Finally 10 out of 10 for Elina who was our point of contact throughout. Helpful at every stage. Enjoy your trip and dont forget, go now rather than in 10 years time.