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New air and rail routes to Urgench.

Published: 10 june 2013

New air and rail routes are planned to open to Urgench in Khorezm region. Decrre of the President “About the program of tourism development in the Khorezm region for 2013-2015” provides for increasing the frequency of trains to Urgench from Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara up to three times a week. Also a new route is opened in the direction Urgench - Bukhara - Karshi - Termez, at least twice a week. Uzbekistan Airways (NAC) will open air service Bukhara-Urgench (daily during the tourist season), Paris, and Milan-Urgench Urgench (twice a week in season), Frankfurt-Urgench (in different days of the week), and local flights from Urgench to Fergana, Termez, Karshi, Samarkand and other cities during the tourist season. In November last year new renovated building of the railway station was opened in Urgench. Urgench has connection with daily flights to Tashkent. Urgench connected daily flights to Tashkent. Airport "Urgench" do charter flights on the request of local and foreign travel agencies, and also regular flights to Moscow.