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Uzbekistan on exhibition Balttour 2015

Published: 04 february 2015
Uzbekistan on exhibition Balttour 2015This year Uzbekistan takes part in international tourism trade fair Balttour 2015, Riga. It's the leading tourism industry event in Baltic States. The cultural event runs on 3 days from 6 to 8 February. 

It's good opportunity for Uzbekistan to present travel destinations, attract new tourists from different countries. The total number of exhibitors is more than 800 travel companies from 40 countries. As predicted the travel trade fair will be visited by not less than 30 thousands visitors from European and East countries. 

Tour operators can also adopt other's countries practice, make the tours more attractive for tourists. Good example for Uzbekistan can be Latvian project “Latgale resort villages”. The total number of villages is 35 and they all are situated in eastern part of the country. 

Each village is unique and has its own themes: Horse, Market, Wine, Cheese and others. It makes them very attractive for tourists who want to live among local people, know their traditions and cultural life. Such kind of projects can be also presented in Uzbekistan. And the travel trade fair gives unique opportunity for it.