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Pay in Uzbekistan by your MasterCard or Visa with a small fee

Published: 07 january 2020

Dear guests of 'Anur Tour' and every other curious person!

We're glad to tell you that from the start of December 2019 its possible to pay with your home card for Uzbek services, foods and transport.

The feature is brought by the Uzbekistan card system called 'HUMO' - it supports both Visa and Mastercard. 'HUMO' became known in Uzbekistan by the brand new technique - a wireless payment with a limit.

So, if you see this label (see below) on the showcase of a cafe, store, bus or restaurant - there is a 90% chance you could pay with your home card, however, the fee will be charged from both sides.

It's 1,5% from the customer and the currency of a fee is counted in U.S. dollars.

humo payment system uzbekistan

Hopefully it will help you to pay in Uzbekistan or use your card more freely and save the time! 

Reminding you, that national currency of Uzbekistan is sum.