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Tashkent's metro & women

Published: 24 july 2020

Heavy equipment in construction is often called by female names - this is a tradition. And the technique involved in the creation of the metro has not been spared by this tradition.

Russian tunneling shields were called "Svetlana", "Victoria", "Nadezhda" or "Tatiana". And every time the shield completes its work and starts a new one, its name changes. New line - new name.

The Tashkent metro was build by the boards "Leila" and "Malika".

Now "Leila" is taking a rest - it has completed the laying of the stations "Shakhristan", "Turkestan" and "Yunusobod".

Originally "Leila" from Germany, she has come a long way to bite into the unstable Uzbek soil. Malika left with the Soviet era - although the engineers who worked with it had a hand in the new stations.

'Leila' hadn't slacked - the new stations were built on time.

Such a good fellow :)