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Uzbekistan Airways plans to open direct flight from Tashkent to Tbilisi

Published: 08 february 2019
Uzbekistan AirwaysAt the 11th round of the international meeting between representatives of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Republic of Georgia, a proposal was made to provide the national airline Uzbekistan Airways with "Fifth Freedom of Air", which will increase the flow of tourists to the cities of Georgia.
The National Air Company Uzbekistan Airways (NAC) plans to open a flight on the route Tashkent-Tbilisi-Tashkent this year. In this connection, the Uzbek side discussed with the Georgian delegation the question of the possible provision of NAC with the “fifth air freedom”, the press service of the MFA.
“Fifth Freedom of Air” means the granting by another state of the right to transport passengers and goods en route from a third country in transit to the territory of the carrier airline's country. If it is easier to say, then Uzbekistan and Georgia are considering the possibility of direct flights from Tashkent to Baku through Tbilisi, with the right to drop off and take the passengers in Tbilisi.
For passengers, this will also be a big plus. First, and most importantly, the cost of tickets will be reduced. Secondly, Georgia will give the possibility to open a direct flight Tashkent-Tbilisi, which will simplify the flight and increase the flow of tourists.