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Uzbekistan vs COVID-19: current state

Published: 21 august 2020

Good day everyone!

We're glad to announce that Uzbekistan is slowly getting rid of quarantine caused by COVID-19 pandemic. The current state is:

2779 infection cases / 13 deaths.

2293 people were cured. 

Now they staying at home with their families and are absolutely COVID-19 negative. Many of them are people who took a flight back to Uzbekistan from other countries with big numbers of infected people. Those were Italy, South Korea, Russia and China. 

Korean, Chinese and German PhDs are right here in Tashkent and help local medics. We are endlessly grateful for this help and thanks to that quarantine restrictions got weakened by goverment. We show them hospitality, good stay and awesome free foods.

The intercity train & flights schedules have been restarted - routes between Uzbek cities are open again. Passangers have to  keep social distancing and wear a mask. Going out without the mask is strictly prohibited. 

You can use cabs again! In Tashkent its allowed from 6 AM to 1o PM (yellow range area), in Samarkand its not allowed still, but in Bukhara you don't need it at all. :)

However, the international passenger flights are closed until 1st of July, so is public transport.

Thats pretty much it! We keeping track on everything and proceeding to book tours to late 2020 period, when the quarantine will be over. We hope, you are doing great, because here in Uzbekistan, we praying for countries that are currently under pandemic fire and we are sorry about the losses of your loved ones.

Please, stay healthy! 

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