Tours To Uzbekistan

Air traffic to Uzbekistan is open again

Published: 12 august 2020

The procedure for entering Uzbekistan from foreign countries from August 15:

Entry from "green" countries (persons who have stayed there within the last 10 days) are not subject to quarantine control. List of countries: China, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Japan.

Those who enter from "yellow" countries (persons who have been there in the last 10 days) are placed under home quarantine control for 14 days. List of countries: EU countries (except Great Britain and Spain), Azerbaijan.

Coming from the "red" countries by evacuation flights are subject to mandatory quarantine control for 14 days. All other countries are included in the list of red countries.

The procedure for conducting a quarantine period at the request of a person in quarantine centers or hotels is preserved.