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Unique Uzbek salt lake Kaladzhik

Published: 11 november 2015

There’s a new health center "Kaladzhik" in Bagatskiy district of Uzbekistan (Karakum desert) that becoming more and more popular among tourists and local people. Many people come here to treat rheumatism and pain in the back and joints.

Patients can stay in a new hotel or in national yurts during their treatment. Salt Lake Kaladzhik has many useful elements and by its properties it can be compared with the Dead Lake in Israel.

Treatment takes place in 2-3 stages: at first patients swim in the lake, after they are dipped first in wet and then in dry sand. After 3-4 sessions patients feel themselves much better. All patients are under constant medical supervision.

After bathing the work of the nervous and cardiovascular systems improves, blood circulation stabilized and disease processes in skin and joints are slowed down.