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Unique excavations of Byzantine Empire in Uzbekistan

Published: 10 july 2013
  Unique gold objects were found in the village Maisky of Tashkent region. An examination of all 14 found antiquities is being done at the moment. This is a coin with the image of emperor’s face, clothes, and a fragment of the object of unknown purpose in the form of a hook with beads. It is noteworthy that almost all products are well preserved.

  Specialists of the art management expertise of the Ministry of Culture say that antique items were taken from the tomb of a noble Byzantine warrior. It is known that a lot of trade routes were passed through Uzbekistan. These values give us information about the history of trade and cultural relations between Uzbekistan of ancient and early medieval era of the Byzantine Empire.

  Expert studies will be held with antique items, but now scientists say that these earlier findings were not found in Uzbekistan, but also in the whole of Central Asia.