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Since the beginning of 2020 1,4 mln of tourists have visited Uzbekistan

Published: 21 august 2020

In January-March, the number of foreign citizens who have visited Uzbekistan for tourism purposes amounted to 1 million 214 thousand people. For April-June, this figure was recorded at the level of 2.1 thousand people, it follows from the data of the State Statistics Committee.
Compared to the same period last year, this figure has decreased by 60%. At the same time, it is noted that despite the fact that Uzbekistan stopped all air and rail services in March 2020, a decline in tourism was observed already at the end of January.
The number of citizens of Uzbekistan who went outside the republic for tourism in January-March 2020 amounted to 1 million 435.3 thousand people, in April-June this figure was 3.5 thousand people.\

Thats pretty much it! We keeping track on everything and proceeding to book tours to late 2020 period, when the quarantine will be over. We hope, you are doing great, because here in Uzbekistan, we praying for countries that are currently under pandemic fire and we are sorry about the losses of your loved ones.

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