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Top of the most stylish stewardesses

Published: 13 february 2013

Skyscanner have chosen the most stylish uniform of the air crew. “Aeroflot” won the first place, informs The Telegraf.
The passengers participated in the competition appreciated the stylish forage caps and thin scarves of the stewardesses of “Aeroflot”.
British Airways crew looking a little bit stiffly, though, won the second place. And the third place belongs to Lufthansa with blue jackets and bright yellow scarves.
Top of 10 most stylish crews:
1. Aeroflot
2. British Airways
3. Lufthansa
4. Air France
5. Finnair
6. Flybe
7. Turkish Airlines
8. Alitalia
9. easyJet
10. Ryanair