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The remains of south mammoth were found on the territory of Uzbekistan

Published: 14 october 2013
  The remains of the southern mammoth were found on the territory of Uzbekistan. The unique find was made in Tashkent region, 20 km south-east of Akhangaran, near Ovzhazsay village. During archeological excavations, a mammoth age was revealed: 1 million 200 – 1 million 800 years. Height of the animal is about 5.5 meters. The weight of mammoth tusks is about 100 kg and 4 metres in length.

  Members of archeological expedition suggest that the remains are well preserved due to late ice age. Today, the restoration works of tusks and teeth are carried out, as these parts of the body are best preserved.  Later the rest of the mammoth will be restored.

  According to experts, there may be a graveyard of prehistoric animals, mainly mammoths, as this territory is perfect village of prehistoric people and animals.

  At the beginning of the next year you can see unique finds in the Museum of Geology in Tashkent. Later the skeleton of the south mammoth will be restored by paleontologists.