Tours To Uzbekistan

The new high-speed rail route between Almaty and Tashkent

Published: 17 october 2013

   The new high-speed train will be put into operation in 2014.                                                             The new high-speed rail route will increase the demand for passenger transport and the travel time will be reduced on average by 1,5-2 times. The train consists of 27 cars, including 22 passenger cars, 2 cars of the “Grand” class (double suite), 2 cars of the "Business" class (double) and 18 cars of the "Tourist" class (economy class), three technical cars, as well as 1 restaurant car and 1 bar car. There is also a compartment for passengers with disabilities in one of the cars of class "Grand".

  The number of passengers has increased 19.9 million since 2013. One can suppose that the opening of the new high-speed route between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan will increase the number of passengers.