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Uzbekistan has extended visas to foreigners until November 1
It is known that no action will be taken against these citizens, and no fines will be imposed. Kindly reminding you that air and road flights between Uzbekistan...
Aidarkul Lake is becoming a touristic zone, UzbekTourism agency reports
In particular, it is planned to organize beaches there, develop water tourism, transport infrastructure, and establish regular bus services to transport passeng...
Tashkent's metro & women
Heavy equipment in construction is often called by female names - this is a tradition. And the technique involved in the creation of the metro has not been...
Chilla is coming: prepare yourselves!
Good day dear guests of Anur Tour site! We kindly warning you that chilla is coming in Uzbekistan and foreigners who haven't experienced it yet might get sunb...
Dear guests of Anur Tour site!
Hereby this announcement we notify you that we do not provide air tickets from Uzbekistan to any country This feature was strictly locked under special co...
Uzbekistan resumes international flights
With those countries where there is an improvement in the sanitary-epidemiological situation. Those are China, Southern Korea and Japan - and only for certain t...
Uzbekistan vs COVID-19: current state
Good day everyone! We're glad to announce that Uzbekistan is slowly getting rid of quarantine caused by COVID-19 pandemic. The current state is: 2779 infec...
Uzbekistan vs COVID-19: latest news
Good evening, our dear guests, followers, curious people! It's time for us to update our news column and let you know about latest events happening in Uzbekista...
Abolition of visa to Uzbekistan for 20+ new countries!
from 1st of January 2020 will be able to travel to Uzbekistan without a visa and stay there for up to 30 days.
The direct flights from OAE to Uzbekistan will be started in April
All of them will land in the Tashkent's Airport terminal 3, named after Islom Karimov, Samarkand, Karshi, Bukhara and Urgench. (the closest city - Nukus)
Uzbekistan goes on BIG SALE for Navruz 2020
Also, these days discounts are offered in 346 hotels, 77 transport organizations, 104 public food spots and restaurants throughout the republic.
90 days of visa-free regime is enstablished in Uzbekistan for Japanese citizens
Dear guests from Japan!  Glad to announce you that citizens of Japan arriving at Uzbekistan in touristic purpose or for a diplomatic mission will receive a...
2 big sport festivals took place in Chimgan
Sport in Uzbekistan has become a thing since early 2010x, especially in football, skiing and boxing. The boxing team was announced as the winners of Olympiad in...
CNN recommends to visit Uzbekistan
Nowadays, with new policy of tourism and visa regime Uzbekistan has become a #1 direction for travelling in 2020.
A festival of kebabs is going to take place in Kashkadarya, Uzbekistan
Tandoor kebab, or 'tandoor go'sht', is considered as a special dish of the region.
Most unusual hotels in the world
Most unusual hotels in the world:Propeller Island (Berlin, Germany) Propeller Island hotel in Berlin was invented by the German artist Lars Shtroshen. All 30 r...
Solemn ceremony devoted to the opening of the sports complex "Bunyodkor"
On the 28th of September the solemn ceremony on the opening of the sports complex "Bunyodkor" was hold in Tashkent. The ceremony was timed to the 100th annivers...
Pay in Uzbekistan by your MasterCard or Visa with a small fee
Hopefully it will help you to pay in Uzbekistan or use your card more freely and save the time!
Uzbekistan has achieved a 'LOW' tourist risk rating
Due to the site 'International SOS', Uzbekistan was admitted as one of the safest countries in the world