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New flight from Novosibirsk to Fergana

Published: 01 november 2012

"S7 Airlines (“Sibiria”) started a new through flight on the route Novosibirsk – Fergana – Novosibirsk" - reported the governing body of  the airport in Novosibirsk “Tolmachevo”.
The flights will be performed one day a week on Tuesdays on the modern liners Airbus A320.
Departure from Novosibirsk – at 18:20 p.m., from Fergana - 21:00 p.m., float – 3 hours. The time is local for all airports.
Besides the air flights to Fergana other new international destinations from the airport of Novosibirsk (Tolmachevo) were started. And in November S7 Airlines will start through flights to Kulyab.