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New fines for air companies because of the flights delays

Published: 01 march 2013

Transit air passengers will be paid compensations for flight delays for 3 or more hours. The court of European Union - superior body of the judicial power of the block accepted such a decision.
It is important that the decision of the European Union court concerns not only the European carriers, but air companies from other countries, working on the territory of  European Union.
The compensation sum will be from 250 to 600 Euro depending on flight distance and time of the delay.
Time estimation will be implemented on the arrival moment of the passenger to the destination. At the same time the complaints of the passengers flying with transfers, can be complied in case when the flight is late to the destination.
In order the tourist could wait for the compensation the raw of conditions should be observed. Particularly, adverse weather conditions or strikes of the airport workers save the air company from the responsibility for the late arrival.