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Most unusual hotels in the world

Published: 08 january 2020

Most unusual hotels in the world:
Propeller Island (Berlin, Germany)
Propeller Island hotel in Berlin was invented by the German artist Lars Shtroshen. All 30 rooms are the unique, not alike each other separate worlds. You will never guess what is behind the walls. In one room you will be in a gloomy Middle Ages, in another room – the prison cell, in the third one you will feel like in a strange temple, instead of bed you will have to use a coffin, you will see the dwelling where everything is upside down: table, beds and TV sets are fixed to the ceiling, and instead of beds there are open manholes.
Treehotel (Haradse, Sweden)
None of the children's tree houses has not looked so strange: the major Swedish architects made every effort to create a futuristic hotel, embodying the boys' dreams. The hotel has six rooms - six separate hanging on the trees, "bungalows", connected with the ladders. The rooms have strange names: "Cabin", "Nest", "UFO". The most brilliant idea of this project is "Mirror Cube", all walls of which outside are processed with the special covering, so the house reflects the forest, as if dissolved in it.
Hang Nga Guesthouse (Da Lat, Vietnam)
One can consider this hotel (which is also named “crazy house”) as tribute of respect to Antonio Gaudi, who liked to use vegetable motives in his creations. One can also think that Vietnam hotel is the masterpiece of the mentally ill architecture. The building resembles a giant tree with the hollows and spider's web. There is no a direct line in the project.  Each room is devoted to the animal. So, there are rooms of kangaroo, eagle or ant. You should take a room in order not to be frightened of, for example, red sparkling eyes in the room of tiger. It is better to sit at the fire place which is “furnished” into the belly of the kangaroo.
Palacio de Sal (Yuuni, Bolivia)
The hotels of ice “breaks” appear around the whole world. But if is it possible to build the hotel of salt? Yes, of course. The name of the hotel “Salty palace” is not mystification. The hotel of 16 rooms is indeed built of salt. One million of blocks was taken for the construction. The blocks were joined with the help of salty water. Furniture: beds, chairs and even dry sauna were made of the same material. The guests of the hotel and the owner hope, that there will not be rain, which can wash away the hotel.
The Beer Moth (Inverness-shire, Great Britain)
It turns out that you can even live in the usual truck. In Great Britain the common truck Commer Q4 1950 was turned into the hotel. The antique metal double bed, table, chairs, different utensils are in the car body. The floor was paved with the oak parquet. There is even the wooden stove, in case the guests would not like to sleep in nature in cold Scotland night.
La Balade des Gnomes (Durbay, Belgium)
The creators of this small Belgium hotel, undoubtedly, were inspired by the myths and legends of different nations. They created ten fantastic stylish and elegant rooms, where you will fell like in a fairy teller, which you heard in your childhood. It would be better to come here with children. There is much interesting, for example, on the third floor there are even wooden yachts, sailing in the small pound.
Seaventures Rig Resort (Pulau-Mabul, Malaysia)
This hotel will be to divers’ taste, it was built on the former oil derrick in one of the most beautiful places for diving in Malaysia. You will not pay for the equipment and service: your diving is already included into the accommodation price. There is even a special lift for diving. In the evenings you can spend time eating barbeque and listening to live music.
Sala Silvermine Underground Suite (Vastmanland, Sweden)
This hotel is situated underground deeper than others. Its the only room is located in the old silver mine of the XVIII century, and you should go down 500 meters in order to enter it. But before the registration, consult with your doctor, because you will have to live in the atmosphere of 2 °C temperature. The conditions are not so comfortable. And of cause you should not book this hotel, if you suffer from the claustrophobia.
Kumbuk Hotel (Buffalo, Sri Lanka)
On the shore of the river Oya-Kumbukkan in Sri Lanka there is a strange alone elephant, rocking slightly in the wind. It is the eco-hotel Kumbuk. The hotel is built from grass and branches. Inside of the two-storied building there are all facilities for the accommodation of ten people. You can also see real elephants in the neighboring reserve Yalla.