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The exhibition “Oriental Bazaar”

Published: 21 january 2015

The exhibition “Oriental Bazaar”

The exhibition “Oriental Bazaar” will be held in Art-Center Tashkent Plaza on the 25 of January. The fair will provide the chance to see uncommon handmade things.

There’re original souvenirs, dolls in national style, bags, pictures and other exclusive things.

They are made by experienced masters, designers, painters and do-it-yourself men. Not only Tashkent masters will take part in the exhibition –masters from other Uzbekistan regions will come also: from Bukhara, Samarkand, Fergana and Chust. Most things are made in a single piece. So you can bring unique things from your trip and present them to your friends.

The exhibition also provides the chance to see how unique things are created and even take part in it. Experienced masters will give oil painting lessons; teach to decorate ceramics, glass and etc.

The entrance is free.