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Uzbekistan vs COVID-19: latest news

Published: 20 april 2020

Good evening, our dear guests, followers, curious people!
It's time for us to update our news column and let you know about latest events happening in Uzbekistan, currently isolated because of COVID-19 outbreak.

First of all - things are going well. Second of all - every member of 'Anur Tour' staff, their relatives, friends and pets are healthy and none of them caught the virus. Third of all - there are only 4 people died out of 9538 possibly infected. Fourth of all - we are staying safe, at home, inside, isolated.

Due to Russian rating site, Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, has 4.7 rating out of 5 max reflecting self-isolation, crowdness and quarantine anti-COVID-19 work in progress. Currently, we're being the most disciplined city in Central Asia, fighting against the pandemic. 

coronavirus in tashkent

Many of people are being held in field hospitals - those, who came abroad from high-risk infected countries, their families, co-workers, etc. All of them are being watched after by doctors 24/7, they get food 4 times a day, they have TV and medical help.

About others - every cafe or restaurant went delivery-only mode or closed, taxi is not allowed to transfer people, using personal vehicle is prohibited, unless there is an emergency level case.

Doctors, nurses, infectious disease specialists and foreign medics, who came from China & South Korea, get a free transfer to work places, free mobile connection, and lunches provided by local businessmen, owning fast food points. (also pilaf restaurants).

About tourism - we shall see. We looking forward to Autumn season, and hoping there will be people wishing to come to Uzbekistan. We planning to meet them as special guests - saviors of inner tourism industry and first after-pandemic travellers in Uzbekistan. 

We are online 24/7, even while coronavirus outbreak forced us to work from home - our site is not offline, we posting new stuff, new tours, new offers, we talking to our clients every day.

If you still have booked the trip from us, taking place in Autumn - please, do not cancel it, unless you have other type of information that makes you to do so.

That's all for now! We hope, you all being well, staying at home, enjoying your time, or working for the best sake of your family, whatever you doing right now - we support you from our Uzbek hearts.

Stay at home! Stay healthy! Wash your hands! And visit our Instagram ;)