Tours To Uzbekistan

CNN recommends to visit Uzbekistan

Published: 03 february 2020 fast as you can. Reasons are simple and quite known: visa-free regime, safety and new untouched history, being stored in Samarkand and Bukhara. A sudden point of Uzbekistan being popular in social media was also added as a finishing 'yes'. 

CNN's authors have published a list 'what to do in Uzbekistan' and among other variants there are some real interesting ones:

- Drive on Tashkent's subway - and enjoy the views of stations, decorated like medieval mausoleums;

- To take a shot of vodka while eating pilaf;

We agree with these advises, and providing you some extra excursions to our tour packages to Uzbekistan & Central Asia, such as:

- Visiting Khovrenko's winery & museum in Samarkand;

- Enjoy the local seasonal festivals, such as Boysun Bahori or Navruz;

- Discover Fergana valley and Andijan city

Uzbekistan, CNN says, is a brand-new itinerary for experienced travelers - previously, the country was closed and the visa was hard to get. Nowadays, with new policy of tourism and visa regime Uzbekistan has become a #1 direction for travelling in 2020.