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Chilla is coming: prepare yourselves!

Published: 14 july 2020

Good day dear guests of Anur Tour site!

We kindly warning you that chilla is coming in Uzbekistan and foreigners who haven't experienced it yet might get sunburned or heat attacked. 

Chilla is a period of 40 days of peaking heat in Arabic/Muslim/Eastern countries. During these days the average temperature spikes up to 50C.

Its not recommended to walk outside from midday till 4 PM. The extra sunrays might cause headache, overheat and body weakness. 

Also, the daytime humidity will fall even lower - to 15% and hot winds are prognosed. Chilla takes time from the end of June to early August. This year сhilla was late but the heat is slowly coming.

Please, take care of yourself and enjoy Uzbekistan!

Under a/c for the better :)