Tours To Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan opened borders for tourism and business travel

Published: 22 september 2020

Borders are being completely opened in Uzbekistan from October 1. Entry and exit are allowed through air, railway and automobile checkpoints.

The following rules will be established for those arriving by air:
Persons who have been in the "green countries" in the last 14 days are admitted to the territory of Uzbekistan without restrictions.

These countries include China, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Georgia, Hungary, Finland, Latvia, Austria and Japan.

Persons arriving from "yellow countries" (Azerbaijan, Belarus, the United Arab Emirates and EU countries except Great Britain and Spain), as well as from "red countries" (all other countries of the world) are admitted to the territory of Uzbekistan only if they have a negative PCR test no later than 72 hours before departure.

In the absence of a negative test result, passengers will be denied check-in for the flight.