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Ancient temple of Zoroastrians was opened in Khorezm.

Published: 06 december 2013
  An ancient temple of Zoroastrians was opened by the Uzbek archaeologists on the territory of Central Asia. According to this finding, we can say that ancient Khorezm is a cradle of Zoroastrianism. The temple is situated on the left bank of the Amu Darya River. The valley of this great Asian river became the birthplace of the oldest religion in the world and territory creation of one of the first in the history of mankind of written monuments – “Avesta”.

  Archeologists say that the temple functioned from the end of V century till IV centuries BC. According to one of the worker of excavations, we can say that the temple was erected by Khorezm architects. During the excavations there were found a large number of interesting findings: terracotta figurines, bronze medallions, different vessels, arrowheads of V century BC. Thanks to these findings, scientists got a unique material that allows knowing more detailed information of the ancient history of the Khorezm oasis.