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Ancient finds of French archeologists

Published: 20 september 2013
  As press service of French embassy reported, an exhibition in honor of 25th anniversary of cooperation between Uzbekistan and France in the field of archeology and heritage preservation will be held at the Museum of Samarkand "Afrasiab".

 The exhibition will be running till the middle of October. Here you will see the works of various archaeological missions. Then the exhibition will be shown in Bukhara, Termez and Tashkent. The exhibition received the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Uzbekistan.

  Archaeological cooperation between Uzbekistan and France began in 1989 with the discovery of archaeological excavations in the ancient city of Afrasiab (ancient Samarkand). Today, there are five joint archaeological missions. These are Franco-Uzbek archaeological mission of Sogdiana, Franco-Uzbek archaeological mission of Northern Bactria, French archaeological mission of Azhakagitma on neolithization in Central Asia, the Franco-Uzbek archaeological mission on prehistory and Franco-Uzbek archaeological mission in the oasis of Bukhara.

  The results of the Franco-Uzbek archaeological researches are published in international scientific magazines. Artifacts are carefully restored and kept at the Institute of Archaeology in museums or Uzbekistan.