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An exhibition «Artist and Theatre» in Savitsky Museum

Published: 28 august 2013
  An exhibition «Artist and Theatre» will be held in Savitsky Museum, which opens on August, 28 and will last until the end of the year. Here you will see one hundred works of Russian and Uzbek artists. The purpose of the exhibition is the reporting of the activities of artists of 1920 in the field of theatre and decorative art.

  Visitors of the exhibition will be able to see not only professional theatre artists but also artists whose main activity is the easel painting and drawing. Her you can get acquainted with the theatrical works of such famous artists as M. Kurzin, E. Korowai, V. Ufimtsev, M. Sokolov, A. Sardan, V. Shuhaev, U. Tansykbaev, as well as with creativity whose works have never exhibited in the museum before.

  The usage of an innovation in set design is typical for such avant-garde artists as V. Ufimtsev, R. Raspopov, E. Koroway, A. Telingater, V. Basov, A. Sardan and other.