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A unique Resort is creating in Uzbekistan

Published: 18 february 2015

A unique Resort is creating in Uzbekistan A new Resort is creating in Uzbekistan – it’s unique institution, using modern and high-tech treatments. The institution is based on the Center Semashko (Termez branch of the Scientific and Practical Center of therapy). The idea of creating new resort was taken on the basis of health facilities’ optimization, going in the republic.

However, the center itself and its activities is more comes to spa resort and it was one more reason for creation new resort. Now it’s necessary to reconstruct the building, landscaping and prepare all required documents. Mineral springs are the only thing that will not change.  

Resort is situated near warm lake Uchkizil, among the sands. Some years before the lake was used for the extraction of salt – and that’s why the center became so popular. There’re also springs of mineral water on the territory of the center. They are used for treatment of many chronic diseases. Patients can also go to the pools, saunas, sand baths and playgrounds.

Centuries-old traditions of treatments, using only natural factors and modern equipment together help to identify the disease at the early stage, make successful treatment. Thus, sand baths help the treat even rheumatoid arthritis – patients forget about the pain soon.