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7 wonders of Uzbekistan

Published: 06 may 2015
7 wonders of Uzbekistan

The action “7 wonders of Uzbekistan” starts in Uzbekistan. The main goal of the action is to determine the most attractive monuments for tourists and locals and also to disseminate information about cultural heritage of the country.

Anyone can take part in the promotion and give his vote. It is only necessary to be registered on the educational portal ZiyoNET.

There’re a lot of architectural monuments on the territory of modern Uzbekistan. They all have rich decoration of mosaics and oriental ornaments. The action has 3 stages. At the first stage users will give their suggestions about the objects that can be listed.  

Then the list will appear in open sources and everyone can give his vote to any tourists object. At the second stage organizers will collect and analyze received data. At the final, third stage there will be the definition of the 7 Uzbekistan wonders.