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 How to travel to Uzbekistan: 6-step quick guide by Anur Tour!

Good day wonderer, traveler, curious person!

We, an Anur Tour staff, decided to write this small guide to fulfill your misconceptions and possible prejudices.

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Let us speak from our hearts :) 

1. Uzbekistan is very safe to travel alone. Tours to Uzbekistan had never ended badly or in any harmful concept. The country was put into top-5 countries for traveling alone by Wegoplaces.service and was heavily recommended to visit in 2020 by Lonely Planet service. Uzbekistan is a must-to-go place!

1.1. Uzbekistan is a secular country. Religion here never affects laws and social principles. Still, women have to cover their heads before entering religious & ancient places. Also, religious tours to Uzbekistan are very popular among believers.

2. People here speaking several languages and English is very common. Most of the citizens speak English, Russian and Uzbek. The guides of Anur Tour speaking English fluently and of course know everything about your program!

3. Visa to Uzbekistan is very easy to get. Here we have a list of visa-free countries and e-visa lands. Prices are $35 for a 2-entries visa and $50 for multiply entries visa. Both visas last 30 days. Anur Tour includes visa support in its Uzbekistan tour packages by default.

4. Customs service in Uzbekistan is very simple & friendly: no more than $5000 currency in cash via plane and less via other transport. 

5. Transportation & such in Uzbekistan is also clear to understand: in most of the cases, you will arrive at International Airport of Tashkent named after Islom Karimov. (TAS). You will be met there by a driver usually at exit 3. 

Never use a custom taxi! Their prices are way higher than standards and we never ever ask our guests to use it, unless there is a force majeure situation.

Being in the city you can use a taxi provided by mobile apps, metro (a beautiful one!), buses and mini-buses. 

6. How to pay in Uzbekistan: we heavily suggest you bring your money in cash because it will be easier for you. However, Uzbekistan has working 24/7 ATM machines in big cities but since OCT 2019 you can't cash out your card in US dollars anymore - only in UZS. 

Most of cafes and restaurants support both Visa & MasterCard.

Wishing you a pleasant travel in Uzbekistan or Central Asia! :)