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Ricamo e Suzane
Pubblicato: 01 2018

 Since ancient times Chust knives have had a great popularity not only in Uzbekistan but beyond. Chust is a small town in the Namangan region, which is famous for the manufacture of knives. Uzbek knives have peculiarities inherent to the culture of the Central Asia. Therefore, the width of the blade is more than the diametre of the handle. Knives can have typesetting or wooden handle. Besides, skullcaps and colorful woven belts were embroidered in Chust. It is considered that every man must have these three things. Uzbek knife is not a weapon but the object to emphasize the status of the owner.  Chust knives are distinguished by their lightness and elegance, the tip of the blade is curved upward and the “nose” of the handle is slightly folded down. Masters will always offer you a large selection of knives: with threaded, patterns, with bone or wooden handle, and als...

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