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Flawless organization. Recommended for tours in Central Asia.

Author: Anna K (Dubai, UAE)
Trip Date: 2017/06/27

I wanted to recommend Anur Tour as a perfect partner to plan your trip in Central Asia. We have just came back from an intensive 2+ weeks individual trip around Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Anur Tour helped us to finalize itinerary, booked hotels, train tickets, guides and drivers. Zarina from Anur Tour was super responsive and accommodating to our requests (unlike some of other well known tour operators in the region...). We had couple of "must haves" on our list and she was able to include all of them in the itinerary.
From the very beginning of our trip we realized that we can just sit, relax and enjoy the scenery (quite an achievement given that I am a control freak). All the logistics was flawless, hotels were good quality and guides/drivers super friendly and knowledgeable. Zarina was in touch with us throughout and after the trip to ensure all is working well.
One additional highlight was the surprise celebration of my birthday that fell during the trip - I cannot be more grateful for making my birthday a very special day!
It was a wonderful trip and Central Asia will stay in our hearts for a long time. Thank you Anur Tour! Tour Anna K

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